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My Philosophy

My intention in all my work is to achieve an appropriate balance between permission and protection.*

Permission means working with the client to establish the space and opportunity necessary for creativity and the exploration of possibilities.

Protection means establishing clear boundaries for the work, with on-going reviews of progress.

Of course, theory is often easier than practice and I find it hugely helpful not only to get regular feedback from the client, but also to have others such as my own coaching supervisor, my peer supervisors as well as colleagues and friends to whom I can turn. These 'third-party' conversations are vital for achieving a clearer perspective on any assignment.

Sometimes people understandably feel that they need to experience coaching or coaching supervision directly in order to get a better feel for what it might be like. With this in mind I am very happy to discuss possibilities and arrange a ' taster' session'

• Adapted from the work of Pat Crossman. Winner of the Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award 1976.